Kittens, first things first.



  First of all you need to make a comfortable den. Kittens love to crawl against something soft, for instance a soft hot water bottle, a soft toy or a combination of the two. The den needs to be warm enough, one can place a bowl of water nearby to assure a good airhumidity. Take precautions so the kittens can't crawl or fall into this bowl.


  The required dentemperature for newborn kittens is much higher then room temperature. A newborn kitten is not capable of generating or maintaining it's own body warmth. They will appreciate a temperature of 30 C (??F) until they've reached the age of one week. After that one can slowly reduce the temperature, when they're five weeks old, they can stay in a room with roomtemperature.

Make a list

  Make notes of: the estamated age, gender, prominent external characteristics, healthproblems and the weight of the kittens at arrival.


  When the kittens are very dirty they need to be cleaned. This can be done with a soft towel and/or a fleacomb. It even might be necessary to wash a kitten, if so dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer. If a kitten is infested with fleas (which can be determined by darkbrown spots fleapoop and/or visible fleas), an anti-fleaproduct needs to be used. Fleas can cause anaemia. Ask a veterinarian which anti-fleaproduct can be used safely on kittens.

Getting used

  The little ones in their cosy den can get used to this den and start recovering of all new impressions, and they can get warm. The crumbs always got Bach RR at first.

Estimate first feeding

  With all available data it is now possible to estimate how much the kittens approximately may drink for the first time. Go to: Nutrition/Nutritiontable.