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Growth and weight table

Birth weight

  Birth weights are not mentioned in this table, they are unknown. The weight of the smallest one which came in was just about 60 grams and that little one was all ready a few days old. The umbilical cord was already gone.

When and how frequently must there be weighed?

  First week on a daily basis on regular hours. If growth is satisfactory, then go to weighing twice a week and later on to once a week. If a kitten is sick, go back to weighing on a daily basis on regular hours.

Weight table for kittens in grams.

  The table is based on the experience with nursing and growing of about 300 kittens.
min max Average
1 week
70 260 149
2 weeks
85 365 230
3 weeks
160 450 309
4 weeks
190 565 358
5 weeks
230 700 439
6 weeks
305 860 527
7 weeks
380 1000 621
8 weeks
420 1150 700
9 weeks
475 1300 794
  The heaviest kitten in all cases was Rudolph, click here for his story. A big body with an even huger heart.