Problems while raising kittens.

Milk emitting from the nose Sneezing disease Diarrhea Constipation
Sucking Bald kittens
Unwilling to eat

Milk emitting from the nose


Feeding to fat, or to greedy and hastily drinking can cause milk to be emitted from the nose. But it might also be caused by a congenital defect, e.g. a split palate. A kitten might experience that much bowel cramps after feeding it that it looks more or less becomes comatose. Try to enhance this by feeding the kitten more slowly and less. Feed the kitten away from the rest of the nest, so it will be calmer during feeding.

Sneezing disease


It is not a pretty sight, a kitten with its eyes sealed shut and a dirty running nose, the little mouth open, gasping for air. Sneezing disease is caused by a virus, and therefore contagious. Like any viral disease, it has its variants, from a mild infection to a virus which also causes blisters on the tongue. A virus comes with bacterial infections, all of which are treatable.


First of all, a good medical care takes place in a warm, ventilated and dry surrounding. The animals won't smell anything anymore, so they'll stop eating and drinking. Beware of dehydration, not the sneezing disease kills the young animals, but the dehydration caused by it. Never ever give anti-biotic's on your own. Any medicine can be hazardous for young animal.



When diarrhea occurs during the bottle feeding, put more water to the milk powder and add some rice flour. When the kittens are already eating on their own, add some water to their food, and put hem on a diet for a day which consists off oatmeal and water. Put some grinded canned food through the oatmeal mixture the next day. Often a diet of boiled fish or chicken meat is prescribed in case a cat has diarrhea. Such a diet is not recommendable for kittens. The structure of the fish and the meat is not suited to be digested by kittens. Some kittens will even vomit when they eat it. When the diarrhea continues after two days, consult a veterinarian. He might be able to help the kittens with some medicine. To fast is not a suitable solution in case the animals are very young.



Sometimes a kitten shows having problems passing his stool, it goes to the litterbox, is trying, but with no result. Sometimes even a little blood might occur. A drop of fat milk or laxating oil can be helpful. If a kitten hasn't passed stool for more then three days, consult a veterinarian.



Orphaned kittens need to suck, although they don't have a mother. So they'll suck on a toy, or a cloth, or on each other instead. When kittens suck on each other, the skin can get irritated.If they suck in the genital area, this will stimulate peeing. A kitten can be wet of urine all the time because of this, and that can cause inflammatory diseases. It might be necessary to separate the kittens.


The story of Koen is an example of how bad things can go wrong due to sucking.



Koen and his sister were brought in when they were about five weeks old, they were both undernourished. Two days earlier three kittens from the same litter had made their entry, so Koen and Dazzle had been longer out there without any food or drink. Dazzle had pointed her sucking reflex to Koen's genital area, and that had caused a infected penis. It was covered with pus. Two weeks later it seemed nicely healed. When little Koen had reached the age of eight weeks, he couldn't pee. I consulted the veterinarian, and went with little Koen to his clinic in a hurry. Scar tissue had squeezed his penis out and was blocking the urine. With very much inventivity little Koen was cured. He was only eight weeks old, but the veterinarian succeeded in catheterize him and was able to widen the foreskin. A job well done.

Bald kittens


When kittens are found which are about four weeks old, in most cases they will be able to eat independently. Ear neatly and wash themselves after eating is something they can't do yet. They dive with their belly's into the food, with will result that half their food gets into their fur.


This ought not to give any problems, as long as they get enough food in their stomachs. It is understandable that is hard to keep these little critters clean. No one can replace the cleaning tongue of the mother. It happens that the fur of a kitten gets smothered. Some hair will fall out, and a kitten might look bald around the mouth, in the neck, on the chest and front paws. This will get over by itself. When bald spots seem to be infected, consult a veterinarian.

Unwilling to eat anything else but kitten nutrition.


To get a kitten used to other food then nutrition given with a bottle can be a tough job. Especially when it is a kitten that is raised alone. Be patient, it will come. Keep on trying every day, and put a little piece of canned food or dry food into its mouth. You might try a little piece of backed fish or chicken (never raw meat or fish!) It is necessary a kitten can eat independently before it goes to a new home.