Stimulating kittens, VERY important.

Along side each feeding is the so called stimulation of the kitten (to help to empty the bowels and the bladder). Newborns cannot evacuate their bowel or bladder unassisted. Normally the mother will help the kittens by licking their bellies and the area under their tails to get them to empty their bowels and bladders. It is understandable that kittens can have serious stomachaches if they aren't able to relieve themselves. There is 'input', but no 'output'.

How to stimulate


Hold the kitten in one hand and rub with some moistured cotton or a soft tissue in the other hand over the belly in the direction of the tail. No stroking, but real soft rubbing. Also softly rub from the tail downwards over the anus and genitals.

In general it won't take long before the kitten will pee. If the kitten is very young, it can take up to a couple of days before it will empty his bladder. There is no reason for any panic if a kitten the first three days doesn't defecate. Often the first stool has a strange coloration, it might even be pitch black.

Every litter or individual kitten has its own rhythm. Work with your senses to comprehend with this. Some kittens like to be stimulated before the feeding, others like it after they've been fed.