Hand rearing orphaned Kittens

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Hand-rearing orphaned kittens or euthanasia
What to do when the first kittens arrive
What do you need for the job
How to see how old the little ones are
A guideline for the growth and weight with a table
A guideline how often en how much to feed the kittens, with a table
Medical care, when to contact a Vet
Fases of age what to expect
Useful hints for the move
To the Dutch site for many pictures

Welcome, 't Kruimelhuis, our special shelter for orphaned kittens no longer exist. But perhaps my stories can help you while trying tot hand rear an orphaned kitten.

As long as a kitten is healthy, it is not so difficult, it's just an intensive en emotionally challenging job. Tips on this site may help you to accomplish this.

Although the shelter doesn't exist anymore, the site will stay online to give support to all the kittens who are chucked out and neglected, and as a loving memory to all the little ones who didn't make it.

On the Dutch version of the site, you can admire lots of pictures of little ones. There is also a page about adult cats who needed extra care and stayed with me for a while. And ofcourse pictures of my own animals.

During the time the shelter existed, many more kittens were rescued and stayed at my shelter. Unfortunately, I can't show them all, because all the digital pictures that were taken got lost.

Every country has its own particular problem when it comes to stray cats, therefore I made the choice not to publish the whole site in English, but only the part that can be useful to everyone, no matter where in the world you are.

Enjoy your visit.

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