Entrydate Kruimelhuis 08-07-2000 Rudolph

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Born on 08-03-2000
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He was such a unbelievable sweetheart. On first sight he made a healthy impression, but I found him to heavy and to big. At the age of a week is 260 grams abnormal, and I was suspicious about it.
09-12-00 He got acquainted with the spicy little Valentino and it was love at first sight. The two were inseparable and I decided not to separate them when I would outplace them to a new home.
10-27-00 The double outplacement worked out, and I saw them leave together with a good feeling about it.
01-10-03 01-10-03 To great despair of his new owners and his pall Valentino my first hunch about Rudolph proved to be right. Rudolph suddenly died because of a heart condition.
Athlete's heart ?